About Ikonic Images

Hello, I'm Jason Teets, founder of Ikonic Images. You could say I've always been a sucker for love, but I suppose I didn't fully realize that until I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity in this industry (way back in 2001). I remember falling in love with the atmosphere of weddings instantly -- the smiles, the colors, the buzzing energy, and of course all of the dancing (ok, desserts too)! I've come to believe that every wedding tells a unique story of two people, two families, coming together to share an array of emotions that signify profound love.

See, there is something I'd like for you to know about me: I truly do believe that love is the most powerful thing out there. I believe it to be the purpose of life. But I'm not here to get all philosophical on you. I just hope my work indicates how much this is a passion of mine, instead of a mere job

After years and years of gaining experience (and even falling in love myself), I decided to start my own company. Thus, Ikonic Images was born in August of 2009. Since then, my company has steadily grown to incorporate more like-minded individuals. Not only do they share a creative approach to their coverage, but they have the technical know-how to back it up. Over the years, I've had the honor of shooting hundreds of weddings, and the joy of making new friends in the process.

I believe very strongly in getting to know my clients. In my experience, this will help the bride and groom take faith in knowing that my shooters and I are going to go above and beyond to provide a marvelous product for them. It helps them to remain comfortable on the big day, of course! So, by all means, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, and certainly reach out to follow me on social media, if it suits you.

I look forward to speaking with you!

- Jason Teets, owner Ikonic Images

Our Approach

Producing an exciting wedding film for you starts well before your footage hits the editing room. It starts with the attitude and philosophy of your production company. We approach every wedding with an eager passion, and a respectful mindset that most brides & groom's find desirable. This is YOUR day, and we are here to capture everything that makes it spectacular. Here are a few of our distinct traits...


  • Discreet, but assertive coverage: We are professionals at what we do. From the moment we begin to cover your preps, until the moment we leave your reception, we are there to unobtrusively cover your day. By reviewing your wedding-day timeline in advance, we will understand where and when we have time to setup additional creative shots. However, make no mistake, our discretion does not suggest we will miss a beat. We are attentive, and always on the lookout for shots that will add to the overall quality of your film.


  • A cinematic, storytelling approachPiecing together your wedding film isn't about nonchalantly throwing shots together. It's about invoking a strong emotional response within you, and anyone that views your film. By hand-selecting your music, you can assist us in creating a visual love story that is specifically taylored to the emotions that were felt on your day. To maximize our ability to capture these emotions, we ask for you to give us a "behind-the-scenes" look at your day. In other words, we will encourage you to help us understand your love, your story, and what it means to you.


  • Location-based coverageWe aren't the kind of shooters who will be looking at our watches at the end of the night, thinking about when we can leave. No way! We're having too much fun capturing your day! Our packages are based on providing complete coverage of your wedding, and capturing all of the day's main events. After all of the primary items are covered, we continue covering candid dancing until we are absolutely satisfied that we have the footage we need. And rest assured, you'll receive a direct goodbye from us before we would plan to depart. I hope you're ready to give us a hug goodbye, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is shooting my wedding?

In addition to myself, Ikonic Images has several trusted shooters. Typically, I will be the primary shooter on your wedding day, with another shooter fulfilling the 2nd-camera duties. If for any reason, I'm not able to personally shoot your wedding day, you would be made aware of this very early on in the booking process. Another shooter, fully qualified to tackle primary camera duties, would cover your day with the same approach I would.


What is the benefit of adding a 2nd shooter?

Adding a 2nd cameraman enables the deployment of not only additional cameras, but also the execution of highly creative shot techniques. While one shooter is covering the essentials, the other will be seamlessly capturing alternative creative angles. Also, having a 2nd shooter enables detailed coverage of the groom preps, while the primary cameraman is covering the bride preps. Please NOTE: All Cinematic packages include multiple shooters, but it should be said that we highly recommend booking a 2nd shooter for all Traditional Packages as well.


How long does it take to receive our finished product?

We apply a 12-26 week time frame to our productions, for a few reasons. The primary reason, is that we will always prioritize quality, over quanity. Secondly, we like to view your video as a unique story that's being told. As such, every film will be different, and we will not take a cookie-cutter appraoch to your production. If you feel the urge to inquire about the status of your film, you are more than welcome to.


Who picks the music for our video?

We would love your input on music! You can either provide us with some of your favorite songs, or perhaps give us the creative freedom to choose songs that we feel best fit the mood of your story. Bear in mind, not all songs will work in a wedding film, and some may be disallowed due to their licensing. If for any reason we don't feel a certain song will work, we'd let you know.


Do we have to feed you?

Shooters with full stomachs will automatically transform into superheros who fly around and can film you from the best possible angles. Seriously! But yes, joking aside, we will require some sort of seating in the main banquet hall, as well as dinner. By the time dinner rolls around, our shooters have been at it for 8 or more hours. A good meal is just what we need to energize us for the last leg of your amazing day.


What are the payment terms?

Let's be honest here, weddings are expensive! Therefore, I've developed a payment structure that most couples find quite agreeable. A $500 deposit is due to officially reserve your day, and that deposit is credited towards the total cost of your selected package. The remaining balance will then be split into two equal portions. The first portion will be due no later than 1-week prior to your event date. After that, the remaining balance would not be due until the time of completion of your video (12 to 26 weeks following your event date). All major credit cards are accepted, and online invoicing is available.


We have other questions...

And we have more answers for you! Please click the "Contact" button below and drop me a line. Feel free to email me or call us as well, but email is generally the best way to get a fast response.


- Jason Teets, owner Ikonic Images